Upper Back Pain Relief: Cause, Treatment and Precaution to Back Pain

Upper back pain relief is very important due to the pain that we experience. Nowadays upper back pain is quite common to be experience by modern man who takes a lot of time working in a desk without arms rest which make the burden is all in shoulder area. Not only working in a desk, but also plastering wall, hanging things on the upper area, any activities that make the burden on your shoulder take more than it can take. Other than just shoulder, the back and neck is also give contribution for the pain since they share same bone structure and muscles. It means any activity which make you bend your back and head up front in lazy posture and carrying too much things in your back also can make your back in pain.

Upper Back Pain Relief: Back Anatomy

Upper back pain relief is very important due to the pain that we experience.

When you of the do activities mention above and experience some back pain before and now, it is time to have your upper back pain relief. Our back contain 12 bones that work together with muscles, ligament, tendon and of course enormous nerves creating thoracic spine that functioning to keep our body straights and in the same time covering our internal organs. Since the importance of the function, any discomfort actually need serous handle to prevent further illness. The most common thing that happens is because of bad body posture and repetitive motion.

All mentioned activity above caused muscle imbalances. It means the movement of the muscle is limited, while it supposed to provide more stability and durability. There are three parts that usually affected by the pain such as trapezius muscles, rhomboid muscles and shoulder blade. These muscles take big part in some sport such as rowing and tennis. Music playing can also contribute to these muscles to tear such as playing violin and piano. Upper back pain relief is needed so you can go back to your activity, just remember to keep it already clear from pain. Otherwise the pain can be much worse.

Upper Back Pain Relief: Left and Right Side

Any problems with middle back pain it means also problems at the thoracic spine, since upper and middle back share the same bones. It also usually refers to the right side of the back. But upper right back pain that you experience does not have to be originally from the right. It can be come from other side of the body called referred pain. For example when the thoracic spine or the vertebrate bone is aging, it can cause spinal cord move in a very limited way and give burning sensation to the right side. This is need upper back pain relief.

The problem with upper left back is similar to its companion. The pain sometimes can form of strain when you can feel the muscle knot, redness, even swollen. Wake up in the morning and feel the stiff at your back is unpleasant, and that is exactly what back pain do. When you feel any inflammation then the pain has emerge and already contain with bacterial which causing infection. Having muscle knot and its unpleasant friend need upper back pain relief so you can do daily activity without pain.

Upper Back Pain Relief: Back Pain Symptoms

Back pain can also form in other condition. Since the bone, muscles, tendons, ligament, and nerves are collaborating, it means the area that is affected not only back, but also neck and shoulder. Back pain symptoms can result in neck pain. Sometimes the symptoms does not have to be feel in your flesh body, but also feel inside, laterally inside such as fever, fatigue, headache, anxiety, depression and it all caused by stress. Funny how the stress in our life can affect in to somebody problems, but it does happen. Yoga is one suggestion to upper back pain relief that is caused by stress.

Although most back pain cause are less threatening, there are other symptoms that occur in the same time of the back pain that need to be take into consideration. When your back ache and follow with jaw pain, vomiting, hard to breath, and chest and abdominal pain, then it is time to contact your doctor or other medical examiner since it is a common symptoms for heart attack, tumor and cancer. This kind of disease cannot be cure or healed with upper back pain relief since the core of the problem is not located on the muscle or bone, but more complicated disease.

Upper Back Pain Relief: Treatment

When the pain in the back shown, likely it will fade away when the body position is change. But in many cases, the pain continually came and emerges to more severe pain. The first treatment that you should do is to stop anything that you are doing to make the pain. Think carefully whether this kind of pain ever happen before or have not. Feel the pain area and sense if the back is warm or have redness or even swollen. The pain condition has to be carefully though since the upper back pain relief need to carefully apply.

Placing ice in a cloth and put it on the pain area will be a great upper back pain relief. You can lie on your back and put the ice cloth behind your back against the swollen area. If you prefer to sit it will do just the same, put the ice cloth on the wall against your back. Do this for 20 minutes and repeat it every 3 or 4 hours.

It is also possible to put warm towel as upper back pain relief. Just be careful not to do this if the muscles already swollen, otherwise it will make the muscles getting worse. Take two not to big towel and folded, pour warm water to the towel. Do not get it too wet, just enough to make the towel feels warm. Put the towels in a steamer if you want the heat not to evaporate. Slowly put the towel n the back pain area. When you feel the towel is not warm enough, replace it with another towel. That is why this treatment needs two towels. Do this for about 20 minutes and repeat it every 3 to 4 hours.

Other treatment is to consume anti-inflammatory medication and do stretching and exercising. Remember to always consult your doctor for these treatments. Stretching and exercising cannot be done if the muscle still hurt, even a bit. If you persist to do the stretching and exercise even though the muscles still hurt, your upper back pain relief program will be damages.

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