Upper Back Muscle Pain: Knowing Your Pain

Modern people did not move as much as their ancestor and more likely to work on a desk or table that causing upper back muscle pain. These muscles scatter around in the nape, shoulder, shoulder blade and rib cage. The tension on the muscles usually affected in the thoracic spine or upper back pain. These pains mostly apply in daily life activities as an outcome of poor posture and stress.

As mentioned above, modern usually tend to work on table then go out and hunting. This activity at the office for many people could perform bad posture through neck bending or elevating both arms for a long time. But the symptoms are not only that, there are other symptoms for upper back muscle pain. Stiff back after wake up, nape and neck pain, swelling and reddish, fatigue, headache, anxiety, depression and stress are other common symptoms. These symptoms basically easier to be relieve.

But you have to be more aware if there are other symptoms combining with the upper back muscle pain. When you also experience problem of breathing, pain in the chest and abdominal area, digestion problem that cause you to lose your appetite, cold sweats and jaw pain, it is recommended that you consult your symptoms to doctor or other medical examiner to get answer to your pain. Sometimes delaying to consult the problem can lead into serious illness.

Upper Back Muscle Pain: Rhomboid Muscles

Upper back muscle pain: Rhomboid Muscles

Your shoulder and arms are working together to create movement. Rhomboid muscles are the one who connect the shoulder and arms and is located in the upper back. Overuse of these muscles can lead to upper back muscle pain like strained or even tear up. There is a lot of daily activity that needs the compromise between shoulder and arms and sometimes we do not realize that our movement could hurt the muscles. When carrying heavy backpack, breast feeding the baby that make you bending your shoulder and head front, or even doing sport like rowing and tennis can cause this muscle to swollen aches and sometimes give you burning sensation and hard time of when breathing.

Upper Back Muscle Pain: Trapezius Muscles

Other upper back muscle pain can be cause by stress. Sometimes it is unbelievable how stress can affect our body and not just mind. But it does happen. When you feel the aches and burning sensation in the shoulder, neck and headache it is more likely that you have stress and affected the trapezius muscle pain. This muscle is located at the base of the skull to the back of the neck creating triangular muscles shape with the upper shoulder, going down to middle back area.

This muscle is the only one that can move head, neck and shoulder together and support the arms. For that essential reason, the health of this muscle is very crucial. Too bad there are some causes that can hurt this area. As mention above, stress is the most likely condition that affected these muscles. Aside from stress, there are other causes to upper back muscle pain that occur in daily activity just like those that affected rhomboid muscles. Making phone call and keep the phone between the shoulder and ear can cause the pain as well as bad sleeping position where your head is spin to the left or right while your shoulder is in straight position.

Upper Back Muscle Pain Treatment

When this muscle pain occurs, there is some first aid that you could try yourself before contacting medical examiner. There are two ways of treating upper back muscle pain by using the cold and warm method. This method cannot apply together. Choose which one that can fit you better. Some people prefer to use moist hot towel to put in their sore area. Use it for about 20 minutes and you can feel the muscle relaxing. Just remember not to do this if the muscle is swelling. Use cold such as ice pack wrapped in cloth, put it in the sore area for 20 minutes, replay this treatment every 3 or 4 hours. When you have hard time to hold the ice for 20 minutes, you can lie on your back or sit against the wall to keep the ice on your shoulder.

When you cannot take the pain, take an inflammatory medication to help relief upper back muscle pain such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Be careful for taking other medication because it can lead to severe problems. Consult first with your doctors before taking any inner medication. When the problem persist and continue, you may need physical therapy to overcome this. Otherwise it may cause to severe pain.

Upper Back Muscle Pain Continuously Treatment

Massage is also good in relieving the upper back muscle pain. There are some ways that can be done to release the pain. If you choose to massage it, you can easily find the knotting muscle when you press your hand gently upon the sore area. The massages should apply thoroughly from shoulder back, shoulder and neck part. When you find the knots, press hard but gently in one direction to release the knot. It is better to apply some massage oil to easier treatment. It is also recommended to take yoga class to help maintain the stress and avoiding any pain that caused by stress.

After the upper back muscle pain relief, does not mean that you can directly go back to your regular activity. You should spend some time to let it heal, but this also does not mean to do nothing. It means to do your activity with lighter one. For example changing your sport from rowing and tennis to bike riding or running, avoid carry heavy thing on your front and back. When you are bold enough to keep doing the forbidden thing, it may cause the recovery to crash and even getting worse. You sure do not want that.

How long it can heal is depend on your background. What is counting are health condition, age and of course if you have previous muscle injury at the same place. Some people need couple of weeks to recover while other with more severe pain can take more than a month to recover. The easiest indication that the muscles has fully recovered is when you can move your arms and shoulders can move without any slightest upper back muscle pain.

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