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Upper Back Pain from Light to Serious Cause

Sometimes we experience upper back pain. Although not a most common pain in our body, sometimes we can experience it. Our upper back is divided into three section, left upper back, right upper back and middle upper back. The upper back is a part behind our chest and upper side of the abdominal. It held many systems that form our body such as bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and of course numerous nerves. Those systems are collaborated to support one another. When you feel pain in upper back, usually it will shortly finish or, in the other hand will continuously in pain and in time the pain getting severe.

Upper Back Pain Cause

Most common upper back pain happen because the strain of muscle and joint. This pain happens because of bad body posture that cause ache in your shoulder blade when you do such some activity such as long time bent oven working on a desk, gardening, carry heavy weight with your arms or raise your hand a lot. Other upper back pain causes are trauma, overuse, arthritis, bone cancer or other disease that affected the upper back. Most cases are not severe.

Upper Back Pain Symptoms

Although most upper back pain is not severe case, but the location of it that hold so many nerves can impact the other area. Some feel swollen, strain, redness, or back stiffness in the morning while other can also feel inflammation. This inflammation can be caused by infection. When this occurs, usually there are other symptoms that follow such as fever and fatigue. Other back pain symptoms are neck pain, headache, anxiety, stress, and even depression.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

Upper back pain link to other area

When the upper back pain is causing severe pain as time goes by, maybe you should contact the medical examiner. Especially when the pain already disturbing your movement and seems like threatening your life like difficult breathing, vomiting, jaw pain, and another pain in another area such as chest or abdominal. These are possible signs for severe problem such as heart attack and cancer.

Upper Back Pain Link to Other Area
When contacting medical examiner treat upper back pain, be sure to feed them with information about the pain first occurred, the symptoms and perhaps the continually pain and the effect of the pain to other part of your body. These first information is very crucial to determine either it will need more examination and what kind of examination. Maybe you just need a little therapy, or maybe you need more comprehensive treatment such as X-ray and MRI. Be sure to listen carefully about the medical examiner questions on your pain.

The lower back pain is different with upper back pain although they share the back area in the body. Lower back is often use for the movement of our body. It has significantly important movement that design to allow us to move around. When you feel the pain in this area, it is more likely to affect your movement and daily activity. The pain in the lower back can start from light pain that can go away without treatment, more painful with persistent timing to severe pain that disable you from moving.

The cause for this pain is varies from light cause that comes from bad posture on lifting weight, infection, to spinal stenosis. The last disease can cause upper back pain too since the spinal cord is spread from top to bottom. Spinal stenosis came usually because of the pressure in the nerve root or spinal cord as an impact from the narrowing spine. This often happens as people get older, happen an accident to the spine, or for those who have narrow spinal canal since they were born. The pain from this area is more likely to affect other areas such as legs and arms. You might feel weakness, cramping or numbness in legs or arms. The cause of this condition is varies from trauma, arthritis, tumor, cancer or Paget’s disease.

Sometimes the upper back pain has more than the usual symptoms that you already have. Then it is time to go to the hospital immediately. The symptoms can be losing balance or bladder, feel nothing in your shoulder, losing legs strength, paralysis and passing out. When you did not take these symptoms carefully, it may lead to permanent damage or even death. In the medical examination, the doctor will give comprehend report. Although for mild cases need no further treatment, but severe cases need you to get on surgery. This is needed to relive the tension and pressure in the spinal cord.

Upper back that lies in your back has a very close connectivity with middle back. This upper back and middle connection called thoracic spine. It has 12 vertebrate bones that attach to the rib cage in the chest. The area holds muscle and ligament together. Sometimes, although not often, there are some upper back pain that affecting your daily activity. Most common thing is muscle stiffness or tightness and the feel of burning sensation to the back. But if you feel more like your legs and arms losing their grip, numbness in the legs, arms, chest and stomach, it might be sign of more important thing such tumor or cancer.

A mentioned above, lighter upper back pain can cause your muscle to be swollen, redness and even feel burn or inflammation. The pain often came up in small ache from time to time and generates chronic disease. These may start from some muscle injury from daily activity in repetitive motion, excessive exercise, or even just let the muscle to stop working because of too long resting from shoulder injury that make the arms cover in a sling. The cause called trigger point. Moreover, the contain muscle can be just one muscle or a group. When this happen, the medical examiner would likely to tell you that this is Myofascial pain.

When you experience this pain sometime first act such as rest or placing ice cannot help the pain. It needs further treatment. The medical examiner could prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine, but remember to stay away from steroids medications. Some sleeping pills or anti-depression might help to reduce the pain. Of course for long term treatment is needed. Combination of physical therapy, massage therapy can release this upper back pain.