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Upper Back Pain: All About the Pain

There are many people, who work very hard in during the day; they usually have problems with their upper back pain. That illness may occur because they are working to hard in the day. Some people says that it is common pain that is usually happen to all people who work as a constructor or the other kinds of hard works. Not only can them, people who always work in the soft field such as the office also suffer this pain. Why this pain can happen? Let us check the following explanation.

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

The symptoms of upper back pain are varied. The early disease of this pain is a big feeling of worries. They will feel very depressed without reasons in sudden. This will be worst if there are many stresses come to them. The stress will make their condition to be little worst. The sufferer will feel fever. The fever will be followed with tiredness. When you have reached this stage you will feel very cranky and easy to angry. If those early symptoms have happened to you, you have to do many treatments to reduce your pain.

If you do not treat your body, the pain will be more dangerous. Your back and all your ribs will feel great pain. You will suffer headache. This headache is be caused by your sleep disturbance. You know that this upper back pain is signed by the swing emotion of the sufferer. This swing emotion will not make you calm and difficult to sleep or insomnia.

Cause of Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain

Back pain can be caused from many factors that cause upper back pain such as weak abdominal, smoking, stress, age, lifestyle, obesity, etc. People who have problems with abdominal usually caused by heredity factors. There is little research about the pain. The pain will attack to people who have back pain history in his family. This pain can be descended by their predecessor family. If your family does not have history about this pain, it means that you are in safe way. I am sure if you will not suffer this pain.

The second possibility cause of upper back pain is about smoking. Smoking has two bad side effects. The first side effect come trough the active smoker or the smoker itself and also the passive smoker or the people who sits beside the smokers. Smoker’s lung of the active and passive smokers will be unhealthy. The nicotine and tar from the cigarette will break the alveolus and its performance. After they get pain in their lung, they will feel very hurt in their chest. They will feel a great pain in their chest. The pain will reach into the stomach area and all back if people neglect this pain.

The other cause of upper back pain is related to the stress that they get. If they are working in the very stressful field, their chance in suffering this pain is greater than the people who work under pressure. Stress will make certain hormone and part of in our body do not run perfectly. This pain will be harder when it is triggered by age. People who have higher age is very prone to be attacked by this pain especially woman. Woman usually produces estrogen every month; this hormone will make woman’s body and performance feels better. By the increasing age, their hormone will stop produce known with “menopause” term. Women in this age will be weaker than before they still produce estrogen, they will prone to suffer from osteoporosis or back pain.

The life style of person will lead them to a healthy life or give reverse effects. People who always consume healthy food with enough calories will able to maintain their weight and health. Bad lifestyle will make people lazy to do anything. If this happen continuously, it will lead to the obesity. People who have problem with obesity will have big chance to suffer upper back pain moreover for they who like soft drinks and less in drinking mineral water.

Treatment Choices of Upper Back Pain

This illness does not include in common spinal disorder. The pain will make people who suffer it very discomfort. Upper back pain is pain which cover all of the abdominal area and chest. People who suffer from this pain usually cannot feel calm when they are standing up. The pain will be greater in the night. When they begin to sleep this pain is harder. If you do not treat this pain carefully, your health will be in a very bad position. The pain may be harder every day.

Imagine that you cannot enjoy your rest. After your busy day, all you need is laying in your bed comfort. If you have suffered this upper back pain, your sleep will be disturbed. You may feel very tired in the morning. Finally you will begin your day with tiredness. So your productivity will not reach maximum. I think your boss will get angry to you if you cannot finish your job. That is may be your destiny. You have to withstand the pain and still working. It is impossible to do and may be impossible to be realized. That will not happen to you if you treat the pain correctly.

There are many treatments you can choose to reduce or loss this pain. You can do home treatment or go to your doctor to treat your upper left back pain, upper back and neck pain, upper back muscle pain, upper right back pain, pain between shoulder blades, and the other kinds of this upper back pain. Good medication will make your body healthier either it is medical or traditional way.

Treatment for Upper Back Pain

If this pain happens to you, I suggest to you to directly visit your trusted doctor. I believe that doctor diagnose is accountable. After he can determine your illness and the cause of your illness directly he will give you prescription. He may give you Steroid shot to reduce your swelling, and anti depressant and muscle relaxant as an upper back pain relief to reduce your back pain. To reduce your upper back pain, I suggest you to follow the prescription, doing enough exercise and drink much mineral water.