Best Stretches For Upper Back Pain Relief

The present age is the age of Information Technology. Information Technology today entails the use of Computer, Laptop, Desktop and many such gadgets for long hours. Not only for work, but also for relaxation, people are using these gadgets. As such now a day people are in touch with these gadgets for nearly fifteen to eighteen and sometimes twenty hours a day. This leads to sitting in front of these gadgets for long hours and getting exposed to their radiation resulting in various health hazards such as eye drying syndrome, spondelisis and back pain.

back_pain_image_2Upper Back Pain is a major health problem affecting a large number of people. Though sitting in front of the computer is one of the major causes of this pain, there are also many other causes of Upper Back Pain like Bad Posture. We usually are not aware or conscious about our posture. We sit, wall, sleep, stand and perform all our activities just casually out of habit without really paying attention. This is very hazardous for our health. We should even be conscious about our sleeping posture because when we sleep in a wrong position our muscles and veins get crumpled. In the waking state though we keep on changing our posture from time to time and really find it difficult to remain in one position for long hours, but in sleep we are not conscious of the discomfort and therefore we remain in one position over a long period. In such a situation, if we sleep in a bad posture, our crumpled muscles and veins remain crumpled for long. Though we do not feel the pain when we are sleeping, but the pain is felt in tremendous measure when we wake up. This Upper Back Pain then spreads to our neck and shoulders.

Another major cause of Upper Back Pain is Joint Dysfunction. This is a serious type of Back Upper Pain. This type of Upper Back Pain is caused by some type of accidents and Joint Bone Infection. It is therefore very important to treat the Upper Back Pain problem seriously and you should immediately visit a doctor. Taking Professional Medical Advice and treatment is utmost important. This problem should not be left unattended nor should you risk it by taking only home remedies. Many a times when we treat a problem casually, we tend to use trial and error method by taking over the counter medicines and applying warm compress to get relief. This leads to unnecessary expenditure of time and money and also leads to unrepairable injury. There are a lot of good medicines for curing these types of Upper Bone Infections and also various types of relief gadgets like belts are also available for giving support to the shoulder, neck and arms. All these should always be taken on the advice of a registered medical practioner.

Whenever there is some problem regarding muscles, doing free hand exercises and stretches is very important. Free Hand Exercises and Stretches play a major role in treatment of problems involving muscles. In fact, any muscular problem cannot be treated without free hand exercises and stretches. Also, free hand exercises and stretches help to recover faster.

The_Butterfly_ExerciseSome of the stretches are as follows:

  1.  The Cheer Exercise: Sitting down on a comfortable chair with your hand holding down, straighten your back and shoulders. Your shoulders have to be positioned parallel to your hips. Keeping your elbows straight, lift both your arms at the same time above your head. Stretch your arms above your head as far up as possible and stay in this position for around fifteen to twenty seconds. Then slowly return to your initial position. Keep repeating this exercise ten to fifteen times and stop. This exercise should be done atleast two to three times as per your convenience.
  2.  The Shoulder Blade Squeeze Exercise: You may stand or sit as per your comfort. Keep your spine straight and shoulders should be positioned parallel to your hips. Push your elbows behind your back applying pressure. Your elbows should be pushed back bringing your shoulder blades as close to each other as possible. Stay in this position for five seconds and then release. It is very important to feel the pressure in the muscles of your upper back while doing this exercise. Repeat this process ten times.
  3.  The Butterfly Exercise: You can perform this exercise either in standing or sitting position. Place your left hand finger tips on left shoulder and right hand finger tips on right shoulder. Both the arms must be facing downwards. Now try to bring both elbows towards the front side of your body. While doing this you will feel a pull in the muscles of your upper back. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat this procedure for ten to fifteen times. Try to do this stretch atleast two to three times in a day as per your convenience.


Remember, the stretches are a part of your treatment and not to be treated as the treatment.

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